The Saga Continues

The battle between Artie vs. Sal & Richard continued on the Wrap-Up Show the whole length of the show.

Except for Gina Gershon stopping by to promote her new album, the whole show was based on their argument.

Artie feels that Sal and Richard are not comedians, not writers and not funny.

The show ended with Artie telling Sal to go fuck himself and yelling “stay in your hole” and “go put on more make-up you smelly troll.”



Sal Vs. Artie

WOW!! At this moment, there is a huge dispute in the studio!

Sal laced into Artie about how he get’s away with murder everyday and that Artie’s comedy sucks.

They got into a huge screaming match on-air and cursed back and forth at each other.

It ended with Artie telling Sal to go fuck himself and he hopes his kids get AIDS.

Than Richard chimed in to defend Sal and got caught with shrapnel.

Artie wants to meet Sal outside the building to kick his ass.

Sal, you pussy, you are nothing compared to Artie.

Jealous Mother Fucker! F Sal.

“Beer League, by the way, available on DVD.”

Way to get the plug in there Artie!


Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to Artie and the rest of the staff.

Artie, don’t eat too much candy today!


Cupcake Wednesday

It’s Cupcake Wednesday and so begins the big test for Artie and his diet.


Artie started a diet this week and he seems to be sticking to it but admitted to being tempted by the free cupcakes that are brought in every Wednesday.

I can’t wait to hear whether or not Artie eats a cupcake today.

Stick to your guns pal. As another fat guy trying to lose weight, I’m rooting for you!


My favorite part of these pictures is the needle sticking out of his arm.

Good work Sal.

A gay bar in Boston

Artie told a story on the Wrap Up Show about one of his first stand-up performances at the age of 19. He sang about his favorite gay bar in Boston called “Queers.”

Listen to the “Queers” themesong:

A second show has been added to NY Comedy Festival!!

Artie will now be performing at 8:00pm on Friday, November 9th and again at 7:00pm on Sunday, November 9th.

Hurry up and get your tickets now, before they’re all gone.

For tickets, go to www.ticketmaster.com or www.nycomedyfestival.com for more information.