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Shticking with Artie Lange

Artie was interviewed by the Las Vegas SUN.
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Artie in Amsterdam

Artie just announced that he is going to Amsterdam in April for Jason Kaplan’s bachelor party. Artie was excited to go to Amsterdam because drugs and prostitutes are legal there. During his heroin days, his dealer told him that the heroin in Amsterdam was amazing and that he’s gotta try it. Artie admitted that despite being on Subutex, he still has the ability to do heroin for one night only. This statement lead Howard to ask if Artie was still on Subutex, which he admitted he was but also said that he could forget to take the Subutex that day. Everyone tried to talk Artie out of doing heroin and stick to weed but Artie said that he’s not a weed guy. He said that the worst drug experience he ever had was from laced chronic that he smoked in LA. Artie’s main reason to go to Amsterdam is to bang whores and celebrate Jason’s bachelor party.
During the wrap up show, Jason said that all the guys that are going are gonna see the Black Crows the night they get there and Artie said that he will be doing black tar heroin that night.


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In today’s Page Six of the New York Post, Artie is bashed because he tells the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders to stop by the show. The Post’s Dan Mangan says that if the cowgirls were to appear on the Stern show they surely would have been asked to kiss each other and disrobe.
Click here to read the article in Page Six.

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Joanna Angel and Sunny Leone

Penthouse Pets Joanna Angel and Sunny Leone were in-studio today.
The girls talked about their experiences in Penthouse, sexual relationships and even rode the Sibian.

Here’s a link to their myspace pages: Joanna Angel and Sunny Leone.

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Kendra calls in!

Eric’s girlfriend Kendra and his best friend Johnny Frato both called in today to talk about their relationship.
Howard got Kendra to admit that she wasn’t dating Eric, she wasn’t in love with Eric and that she wasn’t sexually attracted to Eric. Trying to get Kendra to admit when she will meet Eric was like pulling teeth. Kendra explained that they were “friends” and could possibly become more than that. Johnny Frato kept on bringing up Vern Troyer for some reason and everyone agreed that Eric the Midget is no Vern Troyer. They all made a bet that Kendra wouldn’t be meeting Eric, but they scrapped the bet because Kendra could control the bet. Kendra dropped off the call, and Eric got back on. The tiny little freak’s head almost exploded because he wouldn’t admit defeat. Eric also wouldn’t admit that he was wrong about Kendra not being on the show.
I love the fact that this chick was on the show and Howard won.
The best part of the segment was Fred playing Loser by Beck.

Click here to go to www.kendrassecret.com.
Click here to check out my last post about Kendra.

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Artie’s gambling stories

Artie was talking about his recent lucky streak while betting on the Giants. He claims that he’s up so much that if he let’s his winnings ride on the Super Bowl, he’ll be able to buy a boat. Even if he bets 25k and the Giants don’t cover, after the vig he’s still up 20k.
Artie also told us that he used to have a bookie on Staten Island who was so paranoid that he gave all the bettors code names. Artie’s codename was Mozzarella for 37. Then the bookie became even more paranoid and gave all the bettors womens names. Artie’s woman’s name was Michelle for 36. Artie’s latest codename with his newest bookie is supersod.
Howard asked Artie what his father would think of Artie’s gambling if he were alive and Artie said that his father would punch him in his face, than yelled out “but fuck ’em!”

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Artie Lange in Maxim Magazine

Artie Lange is going to be featured in February’s issue of Maxim Magazine.
Artie is interviewed for Maxim’s Valentines Day Guide. In the issue, Artie says that getting engaged on Valentines Day is a pathetic cliche. This comment annoyed Howard because Howard proposed to Beth on Valentines Day. Howard felt that it was a shot at him but Artie brushed it off like it was no big deal.
When the magazine hits the newsstands, I will publish it right here.

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