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Artie Lange for Christmas

Give the gift of Artie Lange this season with…

Artie Lange – It’s The Whiskey Talking or Artie Lange’s Beer League.


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Send Artie A Holiday Greeting!

Sign the guestbook and wish Artie a happy holiday.

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Carolines Comedy Club

Artie Lange will be doing his stand-up act tonight at Carolines On Broadway at 7:00pm.
Tickets are on sale at ticketweb.com for $27.25.


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Stay on vacation Howard

That is the title of an article that briefly mentions Artie Lange.

In this article from phillyburbs.com, Howard Stern and the Howard Stern Show are bashed by blogger Eric Gargiulo. I would normally say that this guy is an asshole, but being a fellow blogger, I’m going to bite my tongue.

Eric G, who is the host of an AM Radio Show about Pro Wrestling, states that Howard Stern should do us all a favor and stay on vacation because the show is a snooze-fest lately. He also states that the show features a list of D-list celebrities, uninteresting discussions about the merger, whining rich hosts and a co-host that falls asleep due to boredom.

I agree with the guy in some area’s and disagree with others. The show has changed! But I think it has changed for the better. Sure, Howard still plays the cheap Jew role, Robin is still a cackling, interrupting pain in the ass, and Artie is spiraling out of control, but that is what draws people to the show. The fact that we get to hear about these peoples lives everyday makes us feel like we are personal friends of the show members. They’ve become a part of our lives. We tune in everyday to hear about their lives just like we talk to our spouses, significant others, friends or co-workers everyday.

So yes, Howard has changed. He has 500 million reasons for the change. But change for the worse? No.
I dread the day when the show is no longer on the air. I’ve been listening religiously for years.
There will be millions of people all over the world that will feel an empty void without the Howard Stern Show.
Remember the Soprano’s? I still get bummed out that Tony is no longer a part of my life.
I personally will be one of the people that will miss the show. And I believe Eric G. will feel the same way.
Whether you like the show or not, you always tune in and listen. It gives people like Eric and myself something to talk about (and blog about).


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Fun with Artie

Since the show is on vacation for the next month, there’s not much Artie news to write about.

So here’s a pic from howardstern.com of Artie + Zeb Atlas.




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Artie gets dinner with the Yankees

After all of the commotion regarding Secret Santa and the whole gift-giving bullshit, the day is finally here to exchange presents.

Someone named Rich had Artie as a Secret Santa and got Artie a gift that blew Artie away. Rich started off by telling Artie to keep his calender free on February 5th because he will be eating dinner with Thurman Munson‘s family and the 1970 New York Yankees. Artie was so taken back by this gift that he invited Rich to go to the benefit with him. Rich said he would go with Artie, but if it means Artie will get laid by bringing a chick, than he will understand.

Artie had Benji as a Secret Santa and he got Benji an Apple iPhone and a few books. Artie explained that he got Benji the Steve Martin book as well as 2 books by Woody Allen. Artie also said that he will pay for Benji’s iPhone service for a year.


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Breaking News

Artie to present an award at the AVN’s!

Greg Fitzsimmons announced that he was hosting the AVN’s this year and the crew began to talk about how they felt like they were being shunned by the AVN’s this year. Howard wanted to have Richard and Benji go to the AVN’s to represent the show, but since the AVN’s have now been picked up by a network, they are trying to clean up their image. They all joked that they honor people that take loads on their face, but weren’t willing to let Richard present with mayo on his face.

Paul Fishbein, who was in the studio last week with pornstars Paulina James and Casey Parker, called in to defend himself and said that it wasn’t his fault that they wouldn’t let anyone from the show present at the AVN’s. He than made an offer to Artie to present an award with a female pornstar, which Artie accepted, only under the condition that Richard and Benji can also present an award.

So, for all you Artie fans and porn fans, you’ll get the best of both worlds on Saturday, January 12th at the 2008 AVN’s.

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