Artie Lange Rockets To Top Of Celebrity DeathWatch List!

Artie Lange was mentioned on defamer.com because of all his talk about his drug use on the Conan O’Brien show.


Howard Stern on TMZ.com

Here’s the video of Howard Stern from TMZ.com.

Artie Lange Conan O’Brien http://www.channelsurfing.net 2-21-08

It’s good to finally know the real reason why Artie can’t make it to work.

Howard Stern Gang at Borders New York City

Here’s a short clip of Artie Lange and some of the other member of the Howard Stern arriving at the book signing at Borders yesterday.
I gotta admit, Artie looks HUGE!! And so well dressed as usual.
It’s a good thing he could only stay for a half hour.

Artie is back

Artie is back today although he claims to still be sick. He told Howard that he has a chest cold and it feels like Captain Lou Albano is sitting on his chest.
Howard wanted Artie to admit on the air that he was canceling the Borgata this weekend, but Artie said that he has a few more days to recover and that he should be fine by then.
Artie’s illness even made the home page of Sirius‘ website.

Check out Brenda Lynn, who is Miss Howard TV for March 2008.
Brenda told Howard that she wanted to have her boobs reduced because she feels they’re too big but Howard told her not to do it because her big boobs were nice. She also told Howard that she was a model and was also featured in music video’s with Jay-Z and Pharrell.
Brenda was also upset that Artie wasn’t in today because she was a big fan of his, although when asked his last name, she said “I don’t know, Lange?”
Click here to see more pics of Brenda Lynn.

(The picture of Artie in the background is classic)

Artie Lange is out sick again today! That must be some hangover!!
I wonder if he was out drinking with that jerkoff friend of his again last night.
I hope he comes back in tomorrow so we can hear his great excuse.